What’s new in Mini militia Latest version 3.0.47?

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Mini militia has been my evergreen favorite game in my college life. I have got this name superaxeboy by playing this mini militia aka doodle army 2. Me and a few more friends used to play this super cool shooting game during our class sessions. It has got an option to combat with up to 16 players at once via local wifi. Or we can even have a quick play with other online players over net. There are lots of tricks to play this game which can be learnt only from experience. Since start mini militia gained a great interest among the players. And it gone viral during the last few months. More specifically it’s getting viral in India. In order to improve the user experience with the game they keep updating with new versions over the time. And now they have come up with the latest version 3.0.47. Let me know add some points about this latest version of doodle army 2.

mini militia

Features of Mini miilitia latest version 3.0.47:

  1. A new feature named spectator mode is added in the offline multiplayer gameplay. So with this mode the user can act as a spectator and watch what’s happening and who is leading the board.
  2. Servers are increased to comfort the players without any bans.
  3. The map is modified in such a way that the chance of getting spawn near mines are reduced.
  4. A new option name “add more time” is added. It provides additional time to pro pack bonus.
  5. Exit button is added in order to get rid of stuck. Getting stuck is one of the worst gaming threat which occurs during play. But this latest version of mini militia has come up with a solution for it.

These are the top 5 updates from the appsomniacs team to the game mini militia doodle army 2. Hope you all enjoyed this update. If you have got any feedback for mini militia then kindly leave them on comment. 🙂



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